Volčji Grad
Volčji Grad Volčji Grad Volčji Grad Volčji Grad Volčji Grad Volčji Grad Volčji Grad Volčji Grad Volčji Grad

Tourist offer

Volčji Grad is a small village located 2 km away from Komen and 10 km from Štanjel. The inhabitants are proud of their village and its surroundings that reveal a rich natural and cultural heritage that can be seen while walking through the streets. The natural conditions and the influence of the inhabitants (especially the Štolfa family) are the reasons why we can find a real collection of typical Karst architecture. This can be observed from various portals, window frameworks, stairways, balconies and village wells. Most of this architectural details originate from the years between 1820 and 1870 when the economical situation was favourable because of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy.

A very interesting architectural creation is the church of St.John the Baptist. The baroque style church was built in 16th or 17th century. The church tower stands separated from the church and it is decorated with many stonecutter details.

Near the village there is one of the best-preserved hill forts Debela griža, which dates from 2000 years B.C. The history of the fort and the name of the village Volčji Grad are mysteries. The literal translation of the name would be Wolf’s castle. Many stories exist about the origin of the name. The villagers frequently tell the legend about the countess Marija Volcia from Aquileia who came to Volčji Grad to spend her holidays and to recover from an illness. The people then named the village after her. As well, her name appears on the Roman gravestone built in the church’s wall.
You will not leave Volčji Grad hungry or thirsty because the villagers organize a light snack (only for groups).

Apart from discovering cultural beauties of the village, you will also have the opportunity of enjoying educational recreation, for example walking or cycling through the typical Karsic nature .

Download the PDF brochure of Volčji Grad here: English brochure 2016

1. The tour consists of the following sights:

-the prehistoric hill fort Debela griža
-visiting ‘Brith’ (a part of the village) and the church of St. John the Baptist
-reconstructed sinkhole pond
-a walk around the village, its surroundings, the maim square with the village well called ‘štirna’ and many other interesting details
-a World War I water supply
-the java quarry
-the sheppard’s stone hut
-a walk on the footpath around the village

2.The price list for the guidance

The price for the guidance 2.5 EUR (per person) with a minimum number of five people or according to agreement. The VAT is included in the price. There is a 30% discount for school groups of pupils and students. The duration of the tour is approximately 90 minutes.

3. Eating and drinking

At the end of the tour closed groups have the possibility of tasting the typical wine ‘teran’, teran liquor, home-made fruit juice, bread and the famous ham-‘pršut’ in an authentic Karst cellar.
The price for the guided tour and the snack in the cellar is 6.5 EUR per person for 120 minutes. Children and pupils have a 30% discount.

4. Advance notification of the tour

We would kindly ask you to confirm your reservation of the guided tour three days beforehand. Please let us know the exact date and time of your arrival, the language and the telephone number of the contact person. We would also like to ask you to inform us about possible changes and delays in regards to your arrival.
For more information please contact the Debela Griža Association, Volčji Grad 8.